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New Book by Geoff McFetridge Studies March 17th

Zieves Library at Utrecht with Masanao Hirayama, Ken Kagami & Stefan Marx March 10th – 15th

Vitsœ Reading Room: Nieves Zines February 21th – March 1st

New Zines by Jeffrey Kriksciun, Simon True, Ken Kagami,
James Ulmer, Ingo Giezendanner and Tal R February 10th

New Book by Peter Piller Materialien (E) January 13th


New Publications by Susan Cianciolo and Ari Marcopoulos December 2nd

Nieves Puzzle and Nieves Nylon Bag December 2nd

New Book by Yuichi Yokoyama Ourselves November 4th

New Zines by Rita Ackermann, Jason Dill, Eunice Luk,
John Armleder, Aurel Schmidt and Stefan Marx October 7th

New Zine by Masanao Hirayama October 7th

The NY Art Book Fair September 26th – 28th

New Publication by Saul Steinberg 4 Leporellos September 23rd

New Books by Keegan McHargue and Philipp Keel August 18th

6 New Zines by Faye Coral Johnson, Sabine Moritz,
Jochen Lempert, Mark Borthwick, Peter Sutherland and Tal R July 8th

New Zines by Raymond Pettibon and Dash Snow June 3rd


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